The Change Election? The 2008 Presidential Election and the Future of American Politics

University of Notre Dame, McKenna Hall, October 4-6, 2009

Please see below for a schedule of panels for “The Change Election?”

Conference Schedule

Monday, October 5


Identity I: Race

Vincent Hutchings, University of Michigan
Should Political Science have Seen Obama Coming?

Paul Sniderman, Stanford University
Blind Spot: Self-Critique of a Research Program


Identity II: Gender and Religion

Leonie Huddy, SUNY – Stony Brook
2008 and the Future of Gender in American Politics

David Campbell, University of Notre Dame
2008 and the Future of Religion in American Politics


The Parties

John Aldrich, Duke University
Lessons Learned? Presidential Nominations 40 years after McGovern-Fraser

Geoff Layman, University of Notre Dame
The Partisan Change Election? 2008 and the Ideological Divide in the American Party Coalitions


Mobilization and Campaign Communication

Ken Goldstein, University of Wisconsin
TV Advertising in 2008

Diana Owen, Georgetown University
The Internet in 2008

David Nickerson, University of Notre Dame and Lauren Deschamps, University of Notre Dame
Experimental Evidence on Mobilization in 2008

Tuesday, October 6


Congress and the Presidency

John Griffin, University of Notre Dame
Is Government Still ‘the Problem’ after 2008?

William Howell, University of Chicago
Obama and the Future of the Presidency

Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania)
Obama in Historical Context


Roundtable: Observations and Conclusions

Dianne Pinderhughes, University of Notre Dame

Kay Schlozman, Boston College