2014 Publications

Peri Arnold

  • Arnold, Peri. 2014. “John Rohr, The Constitution, and the Study of Administrative Constitutionalism.” Administration and Society 46 (2): 160-168.

Sotirios A. Barber

  • Barber, Sotirios A. 2014. "On Political and Constitutional Dysfunction: Remembering James Stockdale." Boston University Law Review, 94: 603.
  • Barber, Sotirios A. 2014. "Right Side Up the Ex Ante Heuristic: Reply to Michael Greve." Boston University Law Review, 94: 1383.
  • Barber, Sotirios A. 2014. "Defending Dual Federalism: A Self-Defeating Act." NOMOS LV.

David E. Campbell

Richard Garnett

  • Garnett, Richard.  2014.  “Accommodation, Establishment, and Freedom of Religion.” Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 67:39.

Matthew E.K. Hall

  • Hall, Matthew E.K. Forthcoming. "Testing Judicial Power: The Influence of the U.S. Supreme Court on Federal Incarceration." American Politics Research.
  • Hall, Matthew E.K., Justin Kirkland, and Jason Harold Windett. Forthcoming. “Holding Steady on Shifting Sands: Countermajoritarian Decision Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals.” Public Opinion Quarterly.
  • Hall, Matthew E.K. 2014. “The Semi-Constrained Court: Public Opinion, the Separation of Powers, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s Fear of Nonimplementation.” American Journal of Political Science 58 (2): 352-366.

Gary Hollibaugh

  • Hollibaugh, Gary. Forthcoming. “Naïve Cronyism and Neutral Competence: Patronage, Performance, and Policy Agreement in Executive Appointments.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.
  • Hollibaugh, Gary. Forthcoming. “Vacancies, Vetting, and Votes: A Unified Dynamic Model of the Appointments Process.” Journal of Theoretical Politics.
  • Hollibaugh, Gary, Gabriel Horton and David E. Lewis. Forthcoming. “Presidents and Patronage.” American Journal of Political Science.

Geoffrey C. Layman

  • Cizmar, Anne M., Geoffrey C. Layman, John McTague, Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, and Michael Spivey. 2014. "Authoritarianism and American Political Behavior from 1952 to 2008." Political Research Quarterly 67(1): 71-83.

David W. Nickerson

  • Kiewiet de Jonge, Chad and David W. Nickerson. Forthcoming. “Artificial Inflation or Deflation? Assessing the Item Count Technique in Comparative Surveys.” Political Behavior.
  • Gonzalez-Ocantos, Ezequiel, Chad Kiewiet de Jonge, and David W. Nickerson. 2013. “The Conditionality of Vote Buying Norms: Experimental Evidence from Latin America.” American Journal of Political Science 58 (1): 197-211. doi: 10.1111/ajps.12047.
  • Keane, Lauren Deschamps and David W. Nickerson. Forthcoming. “When Reports Depress Rather Than Inspire: A Field Experiment using Age Cohorts as Reference Groups.” Journal of Political Marketing.

Dianne Pinderhughes

  • Pinderhughes, Dianne, Todd Shaw, Toni-Michelle Travis, and Louis DeSipio. Forthcoming. Uneven Roads: An Introduction to US Racial and Ethnic Politics. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Press.
  • Pinderhughes, Dianne. Forthcoming. Black Politics After The Civil Rights Revolution. Routledge.

Christina Wolbrecht

  • Wolbrecht, Christina and Michael Hartney. Forthcoming. “‘Ideas about Interests’: Explaining the Partisan Politics of Education.” Perspectives on Politics.

Michael Zuckert

  • Zuckert, Michael P. and Catherine H. Zuckert.  2014. Leo Strauss and the Problem of Political Philosophy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Zuckert, Michael P.  Forthcoming.  Natural Rights and American Constitutionalism.