Rooney Workshop


The Rooney Center provides an opportunity for Notre Dame faculty and graduate students to present in-progress work on American politics and receive input and feedback. » More information on workshops


Research Grants

The Rooney Center also is pleased to offer limited research support to American politics faculty for research needs. Please contact Rooney Center Director Matt Hall for further information.

Graduate Students

Research Grants

The Rooney Center offers grants to support graduate student research in the area of American politics. Please contact Rooney Center Director Matt Hall for further information.

Statistics Software

First field American graduate students can request a one-time grant of up to $200 from the Rooney Center for statistical software they need for class or research. Please request approval from Director Matt Hall before you make the purchase.

Conference Funding

The Rooney Center offers support to first-field Americanists for conference travel and participation. Initial grants are for $200. After students have exhausted those funds and their departmental funds, they are eligible for up to another $300 (same or different event) if needed, for a maximum total of $500 each academic year.

To apply, please send an e-mail to Rooney Center Director Matt Hall with information about the conference, your participation (paper presentation/poster required for funding), and a general list of expected expenses at least two weeks in advance of the conference event. 

Methodological Training

The Rooney Center provides provides competitive fellowships for first-field American Politics graduate students to attend the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Summer Program at the University of Michigan or other methodological training. Application information is available in the Spring.