Past John Roos Award Winners

The John Roos Award is granted annually to the best senior honors thesis in the area of American politics. To be eligible for the award, senior theses should be submitted to the Department of Political Science Undergraduate Studies office by the announced thesis deadline in early April.



Emily Flores -- Thesis: "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: We the People in Indiana Public High Schools"
Advisor: David Campbell


Tom Mcguire — Thesis: “Trade Policy’s Salience and the RTAA”
Advisor:  Peri Arnold 


Michael Massman —“Collective Bargaining and Politics in Public Employment”
Advisor: Barbara Fick


Andrew Hale — Thesis: “Reactions to President Obama and Support for the Tea Party Movement”
Advisor: John Griffin


Patrick Faller — “Horserace: Chasing Strategic Campaign Coverage Cross-Nationally”
Advisor: David Campbell


(shared by three winners)

Ryan Brellenthin — “For God and Country: Catholicism and Roll Call Voting on Abortion Legislation in the House of Representatives, 1973-2000”
Advisor: John Griffin

Brian Hagerty — “Groupthink: How Group Participation Shifts Public Opinion”
Advisor: David Campbell

Benjamin Farley — “Presidential Behavior: An Analysis of the Unilateral Politics Model and Executive Agreements”
Advisor: Peri Arnold


Caitlin Conway — Thesis: “Home Economics: Investing in a House, Investing in the Community”
Advisor: David Campbell