Past John Roos Award Winners

The John Roos Award is granted annually to the best senior honors thesis in the area of American politics. 

Past Winners


Nicholas Ottone

Thesis: "Multi-Racial Resentment? The Relationship Between Racial Identity and the Racial Resentment Scale"
Advisor: David Campbell 


Zoe Walker

Thesis: "Tuned-In and Turned Off: How Media Modulates Group Consciousness"
Advisor: Dianne Pinderhughes


Allison Verrilli

Thesis: "Igniting the Fuse: Immigration, Threat, and the Political Activation of White Identity"
Advisor: Ricardo Ramirez


Matthew Kearney

Thesis: "Betting the House: Tracing the Relationship Between Public Policy and Personal Financial Uncertainty Faced by Mortgagors"
Advisor: Amitava Dutt


Adam Henderson

Thesis: "Playing the Catholic Card: Catholic Candidate and Religious Cues"
Advisor: David Campbell 


Emily Flores

Thesis: "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: We the People in Indiana Public High Schools"
Advisor: David Campbell


Tom Mcguire

Thesis: "Trade Policy's Salience and the RTAA"
Advisor: Peri Arnold


Michael Massman

Thesis: "Collective Bargaining and Politics in Public Employment"
Advisor: Barbara Fick


Andrew Hale

Thesis: "Reactions to President Obama and Support for the Tea Party Movement"
Advisor: John Griffin


Patrick Faller

Thesis: "Horserace: Chasing Strategic Campaign Coverage Cross-Nationally"
Advisor: David Campbell


(shared by three winners)

Ryan Brellenthin

Thesis: "For God and Country: Catholicism and Roll  Call Voting on Abortion Legislation in the House of Representatives, 1973–2000"
Advisor: John Griffin

Brian Hagerty 

Thesis: "Groupthink: How Group Participation Shifts Public Opinion"
Advisor: David Campbell

Benjamin Farley

Thesis: "Presidential Behavior: An Analysis of the Unilateral Politics Model and Executive Agreements"
Advisor: Peri Arnold


Caitlin Conway

Thesis: "Home Economics: Investing in a House, Investing in the Community"
Advisor: David Campbell