Research Workshops

The Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy Workshops provide an opportunity for Notre Dame faculty and graduate students, as well as occasional visitors, to present in-progress research on American politics and receive input and feedback in a casual setting. Workshops throughout the academic year are held on Fridays beginning at noon in Jenkins Nanovic Halls (please double check schedule for room) with lunch provided for attendees.

Rooney Workshop

If you have questions or would like to present a paper, please contact


Presenter or Event

Sept. 7

“Welcome Back Lunch”

Location: 2060B Nanovic Hall 

Sept. 14

Graduate Student Re-Orientation

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Sept. 21

Book Launch for Indecision in American Legislatures by Jeffrey J. Harden and Justin H. Kirkland

External Discussants: Laurel Harbridge-Yong and Gregory Koger

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Sept. 28

“Secularism on the Stump: How Voters React to Secular Candidates” with Dave Campbell and Geoff Layman

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Oct. 5

University of Illinois Graduate Student Exchange with UI Graduate Students

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Oct. 26

“Macropartisanship” with Dave Peterson (Iowa)

Location: 1050 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 2

"Do Corporate Campaign Contributions Distort Policy?" with Anthony Fowler (Chicago)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 9

Midterm Debrief

Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Hall

Nov. 16

“The Democratic Impacts of 'Chain Migration'” with Adrián Félix (UCR)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 30

"Gender, Authority, and Group Dynamics over Time" with Jessica Preece (BYU)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Dec. 7

"Godless Grassroots: Secular Activism in Party Politics" with Mark Brockway

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall