Past Workshops

Spring 2018


Presenter or Event

Feb. 2

"Antislavery and the Ideological Futility of New Party Movements" with Sam Glaser

Feb. 9

"Donald Trump and Conflict Extension in American Public Opinion" with Geoff Layman

Feb. 16

 "Performative Partisanship: Investigating the Partisan Gender Gap Among Transgender Individuals" with Meyer Levy, Sid Simpson, and Hannah Wilson

Feb. 23

“Behind ‘Enemy’ Lines: Congressional Detailees and Executive Branch Influence over Policy Formulation” with Jennifer Selin, University of Missouri

March 2

"Legislative Constraints on Executive Unilateralism in Separation of Powers Systems" with Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt University

March 9

No workshop, Spring break

March 16

No workshop, Spring break

March 23

Graduate Recruitment Weekend

March 30

No workshop, Good Friday

April 6

No Workshop, MPSA

April 20

"Legislators as Lobbyists" with Melinda Ritchie, UC-Riverside

April 27

"Competing Identities, Values, and Preferences: Evangelical Christians in American Politics" with Michelle Margolis, University of Pennsylvania