Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Workshops

November 30:

Lecture by Patrick Schoettmer "Prayer, Participation and Prosperity"

November 9:  Paul Kellstedt

Visiting Speaker lecture by Paul Kellstedt (Texas A&M)  "The Dynamics of Immigration Attitudes in the U.S."

November 2:  Faculty Panel

Co-sponsored, public event.  "Everything You Wanted to Know About the Election, But Were Afraid to Ask" with David Campbell, Darren Davis, Geoff Layman, and Benjamin Radcliff.

October 26:  Steven Monsma (Calvin College)

Co-sponsored, public event. “Do We Truly Believe in Diversity?  Religious Pluralism and Democratic Freedom”

October 5:

Lecture by Andre Audette "The Social Benefits of Social Assistance: Welfare Spending and Murder, Abortion, and Divorce Rates in the American States"

September 28:

Lecture by Michael Hartney “Turning Out Teachers: Collective Bargaining Laws and Citizens’ Political Engagement”

September 21:

Lecture by Deondra Rose “Accidental Egalitarianism: How the National Defense Education Act of 1958 and the Higher Education Act of 1965 Promoted Gender Equality in U.S. Higher Education.”

September 14:

Lecture by Ricardo Ramirez “Mobilizing Opportunities: State Context, Mobilization, and the Evolving Latino Electorate”