Fall 2017


Presenter or Event

Sept. 8

Professionalization Session:  How to be Successful in Graduate School

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall 

Sept. 15

"Incorporating Diffusion Networks into Models of Public Policy Adoption” with Jeff Harden

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Sept. 22

"Of Love and Hate: A Theory of Negative Party Identification with New Experimental Results" with Nate Sumaktoyo

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Sept. 29

"Judging Books by Their Covers: Perceptions of Candidates" with Mikaila Leyva and Juan Valdez

Location: B101 Jenkins Hall

Oct. 6

University of Illinois Graduate Student Exchange

Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Oct. 13

"Gender and Representation: A Tradeoff Between Constituency Service and Policy?" with Danielle Thomsen, Assistant Professor in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University

Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Oct. 20

No workshop, Fall break

Oct. 27

"Religion and Human Rights: a Metaphorical Gaza Strip" with Center for the Study of Religion and Society Visiting Scholar, Barbara Walters (CUNY)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 3

"Is there a Mighty King in Zion?: LDS Church Influence on State Legislatures in the Mormon Corridor" with Meyer Levy and Amir Sadeh

Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Nov. 10 (12:00 pm)

Book launch for Perseverance in the Parish?: Religious Attitudes from a Black Catholic Perspective by Darren Davis and Donald Pope-Davis

External Discussant: Eric McDaniel (University of Texas-Austin)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 10 (3:30 pm)

"The Everyday Crusade: American Religious Exceptionalism and Defining American Citizenship" with Eric McDaniel

Location: B062 Nanovic Hall

Nov. 17

No workshop

Nov. 24

No workshop, Thanksgiving

Dec. 1 (Noon)

Book launch for More than a Feeling: Personality, Polarization, and the Transformation of the U.S. Congress by Adam Ramey, Jonathan Klingler, and Gary Hollibaugh

Commentators: Matthew Hall and Justin Grimmer (University of Chicago)

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall

Dec. 1 (3:30 pm)

"Representative-Constituent Communication: The Effect of Identifying Constituents" with Justin Grimmer, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Dec. 7 (3:30 pm)

"Dynamic Women Voters: Race and Voting in U.S. Presidential Elections" with Jane Junn, Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California

Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Dec. 8

Book launch for Contested Transformation: Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America by Carol Hardy-Fanta, Pei-te Lien, Dianne Pinderhughes, and Christine Marie Sierra

Commentators: Christina Wolbrecht and Jane Junn, USC

Location: 1030 Nanovic Hall