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The Center sponsors a variety of activities for both faculty and students, including conferences, a weekly research workshop for faculty and graduate students, a speaker series for the entire campus community, research grants for graduate students, roundtables for undergraduates, internships
for undergraduates, and a thesis prize for undergraduates.


Here's what's new:



Congratulations to Rooney Center faculty member Matt Hall, has a new article "Holding Steady of Shifting Sands: Countermajoritarian Decision Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals" in Public Opinion Quarterly.


The John Roos Prize for the best senior thesis in the field of American Politics goes to Emily Flores for her thesis, "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: We the People in Indiana Public High Schools." Emily's thesis was advised by David Campbell.



Congratulations to Gary Hollibaugh on not one but two major articles out: "Naïve Cronyism and Neutral Competence: Patronage, Performance, and Policy Agreement in Executive Appointments.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory and "Vacancies, vetting, and votes: A unified dynamic model of the appointments process.” Journal of Theoretical Politics.


Christina Wolbrecht and her co-author Michael Hartney (Rooney Center graduate) have been featured in a Wilson Quarterly piece on thier recent Perspectives article on the politics of education.  The Wilson Quarterly piece can be found here.




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