Facilitating research on critical issues in American democracy and encouraging Notre Dame student engagement in civic and political life.

The January 6th, 2025, Project

Through in-depth study and analysis of the social, political, psychological, and demographic factors that led to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, the project’s members hope to offer insight into how to protect and strengthen the American electoral system before a likely attack on Jan. 6, 2025

Watch the Video: Rooney Center Panel "Secular Left vs. Religious Right" in Washington D.C.

The Rooney Center hosted a panel discussion on the secularization of American Society and consequences for politics. Rooney Center faculty David Campbell and Geoffrey Layman were featured. Watch the recording.

Meet Our Scholars

Rooney Center faculty have expertise in a wide range of American Politics subject areas including; the politics of democratic inclusion, the politics of democratic participation, institutions leadership and public service, and religion and American democracy. Learn more about what we study.

The Hesburgh Program in Public Service

A career-oriented minor in public policy

The Washington Program

Live, learn, and intern in Washington, D.C.