Nd Students Studying In Washington Dc At A Rooney Center Event
ND Students studying in Washington D.C. at a Rooney Center event

The Rooney Center supports undergraduate programming in American Politics through its affiliate programs; the Hesburgh Program in Public Service, a public policy minor, and the Washington Program, a semester of study in Washington D.C. Internships are the hallmarks of these programs; the Hesburgh Program provides financial support for its students who take internships related to public policy and/or service and students in the Washington Program have a nearly full-time internship of their choosing during their time in D.C.

Students interested in internships, can also look into internships through the Department of Political Science.

ND Democracy Talks & Hesburgh Democracy Fellows

The Rooney Center, in partnership with the Hesburgh Program in Public Service, invites undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines, who are interested and engaged in building community around issues of advancing and promoting American democracy, to attend our ND Democracy Talks series to learn more about important issues and concepts in American democracy. Students are also invited to self identify as "champions of democracy" and apply for our fellows program.

Outstanding Senior Thesis Award

The John Roos Award is granted annually to the best senior honors thesis in the area of American politics. To be eligible for the award, senior theses should be submitted to the Department of Political Science Undergraduate Studies office by the announced thesis deadline in early April.


Ellen Pil

Thesis: "State Legislative Attention and Longitudinal Trends in Central Appalachian Opioid Policy"

Advisor: Jeffrey Harden 

Past John Roos Award Winners