ND Democracy Talks & Hesburgh Democracy Fellows

ND Democracy Talks

The ND Democracy Talks series features Notre Dame scholars and guest experts presenting mini-lessons on key concepts and issues in American democracy. Our goal is to help the ND community be better informed and to feel empowered to take ownership of our democracy - it's not something to take for granted. You can read more in our Op-Ed on the launch of the program.

Our upcoming events are listed below.




Hesburgh Democracy Fellows

As a Hesburgh Democracy Fellow, you will be granted exclusive access to opportunities for engagement with the work of the Center and its programming. This includes speaker events, panels, and round table discussions with scholars and experts whose work addresses the critical issues facing America’s democratic system. And it includes first access to information on undergraduate engagement opportunities, such as the Notre Dame Washington Program. We also hope to bring students from all backgrounds together, in community, around the promotion of American democracy, civil discourse, and combating misinformation and barriers to democracy in our local and broader communities. No matter what you study, or what your experience is, we invite you to apply for this opportunity to engage with the Rooney Center and its mission.

Past Events

Heburgh Democracy Fellows

Featured Students

  1. Joy Agwu


  2. Libbey Detcher


  3. Jensen Enterman


  4. Joshua Hamill


  5. Vera Kamm


  6. Adrian Noy


  7. Jacob Sherer


  8. Noy Specht


All Fellows

  1. Aya Abdelnaby

  2. Joy Agwu

  3. James Baird

  4. Lisandro Berry-Gaviria

  5. Natalie Bock

  6. Matthew Bourke Doherty

  7. Evan Bursch

  8. Bryce Bustamante

  9. Mary Kate Cashman

  10. Sofia Casillas

  11. Carlos Castillo

  12. Briana Chappell

  13. Sisy Chen

  14. Samuel Coffman

  15. Nicholas Crookston

  16. Hannah Delfico

  17. Libbey Detcher

  18. Thomas Dobbs

  19. Jensen Enterman

  20. Ava Ernst

  21. Amelia Forrest

  22. Kylie Gallegos

  23. Liam Gibson

  24. Joe Golden

  25. Nathan Goodwin-Kelly

  26. Isabelle Grace

  27. Marko Gural

  28. Joshua Hamill

  29. Rachel Hartmann

  30. Liliana Hobday

  31. Olivia Hsin

  32. Andrew Jitendran

  33. Vera Kamm

  34. Ellie Knapp

  35. Kade Kruer

  36. Raleigh Kuipers

  37. Kristen Lemus

  38. Esther Lynch

  39. Lila Mangino

  40. Benjamin Martin

  41. Edward Nagler

  42. Adrian Noy

  43. Jeanett Ochoa

  44. Mary O'Connor

  45. Ashlyn K Poppe

  46. Benjamín Rascón Gracia

  47. Danny Roemer

  48. Sarah Ryan

  49. Kyle Seasly

  50. Jacob Sherer

  51. Tristan Shin

  52. Noy Specht

  53. Ryan Sullivan

  54. Jack Theobald

  55. Matthew Thorn

  56. Erin Tutaj

  57. Colly Urdan

  58. Jack Verrill

  59. Katie Werner

  60. Alex Young

  61. Valeria Zambrano