Global Democracy Conference 2024

(part of a series)

Location: Multiple Locations on Campus

The Global Democracy Conference (GDC), organized by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, is an integral component of the broader University of Notre Dame Global Democracy Initiative designed to connect academic research and non-academic audiences. It will be an annual forum that projects the University as a leader and convener on questions of democracy, while simultaneously facilitating positive, tangible impact on global democratic practices.

With the theme "Understanding Today, Shaping Tomorrow," the inaugural GDC will see the Kellogg Institute convene leading defenders of global democracy at the University of Notre Dame for a series of profound, actionable conversations about the state of democracy around the world. Animated by our understanding of the multidimensional, complex nature of democratic erosion, this conference will i) identify emerging challenges to democracies and possible solutions; ii) highlight the research being undertaken by Notre Dame in order to have meaningful impact in the world of policy; and iii) convene global actors that will help lay the foundation for partnerships with institutions and leaders who might utilize our research in protecting local democratic structures.

The GDC includes two types of sessions: panels, in which participants make formal, 12-minute presentations, and roundtables, which follow a conversational format led by a moderator. Sessions are organized in three thematic blocs:

  • New Ideas. Panels primarily formed by academics. They present original research on democracy to a broader audience, emphasizing the substantive relevance of their findings and mapping ongoing debates in the field. A practitioner may discuss how this line of research is relevant to practice.
  • The State of the World. Roundtables formed by academics and practitioners. They assess the state of democracy in particular countries or regions, with a particular interest in the near future.
  • The Path Forward. Sessions focused on practical lessons to protect and promote democratic governance. Those sessions may take the form of panels or roundtables and may include practitioners or academics. Of particular interest are sessions focusing on particular sectors, such as industries (e.g., technology, finance) or professional fields (e.g., international law) discussing their ability to strengthen democracy.

Our inaugural event is in part generously underwritten by Bert Piedra, a 1978 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and member of the Kellogg Institute Advisory Board.

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