Rooney Center Research and Professional Funding

The Rooney Center provides $5000 in research and professional development funding for all first-field American Politics graduate students.  This funding can be used at any point during your time in the Ph.D. program and supplements the existing research grant from the College of Arts & Letters ($1500). However, we ask that you exhaust the College’s research grant before drawing on your Rooney Center funding. 

The Rooney Center offers financial support to first-field American Politics graduate students in the following five areas: conference funding, surveys and data collection, research assistants, software & books, professional training, and Interfolio.

To apply for Rooney Center funding, please see the Rooney Center Funding Procedures.


*Anyone who receives Rooney Center funding should acknowledge the center in publications that result from the Center's support.

Conference Funding

The Rooney Center offers support for conference travel and participation. Students are eligible for funding from the Rooney Center (a) after exhausting conference funds available through the Political Science Department’s Graduate Program for the year OR (b) if they are using the Rooney Center funding as the required ‘outside source of funding’ in their application to the Political Science Department’s funding. 

Surveys, Data Collection & Research Assistants

The Rooney Center reimburses students for research-related costs, such as the use of Prolific or transcription services. In addition, in conjunction with the Hesburgh Program, the Rooney Center offers support to allow graduate students to hire undergraduate research assistants (RAs). 

Software & Books

The Rooney Center reimburses graduate students for purchasing software, such as STATA for statistical analysis, or research-related books. 

Methods Training

The Rooney Center may support students who wish to receive additional methods training (i.e. ICPSR at the University of Michigan). To qualify for funding, the department’s methods chair will need to verify that ND does not offer a comparable course AND, the student’s committee chair/advisor must verify the need for  the training for their research.


For graduate students on the job market, the Department will pay the initial cost for Interfolio’s Dossier Delivery Service. This initial grant will allow applications sent to 50 institutions. If students need to distribute applications over this number, the Rooney Center will reimburse the cost.